Microcentrifuges With Rotor

  • Aerosol tight rotors and covers make these suitable for practically all centrifuge applications involving hazardous materials (pathogenic bacteria, viruses, blood samples, or radioactive material)
  • Features include low sound level to benefit your work environment, low profile design for ergonomic loading/unloading of rotor, and rotor design to minimize fixed-angle rotor weight for easy lifting and carrying
  • Plus, automatic rotor recognition and imbalance detection to help maximize operational safety, standby cooling to maintain temperature when not in use, soft touch lid closure, and low opening height for stress-free lid locking
  • Outstanding software control guarantees high accuracy of time (+/- 2 sec. in 5 min.), speed (1%) and temperature (+/- 2°C at 6°C) for maximum run reproducibility with a temperature range from -9°C to 40°C