DASH Coag Set-and-Lock STAT Coag Centrifuge

  • Lightweight and compact, the DASH Coag is ideal for smaller labs and point-of-care facilities where space is at a premium
  • Simple 2-button operation minimizes need for training and room for error, and unit arrives pre-programmed with 3 easily selectable preset cycles for common coagulation cycles
  • LED lid lighting system indicates whether the centrifuge is ready (off), running (on), or done (flashing) and continues flashing until the lid is opened, helping prevent forgotten tubes
  • Clear, shatterproof lid automatically locks during operation and will not open until the centrifuge has stopped; Cool-Flow air flow design helps prevent overheating of samples
  • Max speed is 4,400 xg/6,600 RPM; spins 12 tubes up to 75 mm (4 mL) without any additional accessories; fixed-angle rotor remains at a 45° angle during processing for optimal PPP formation