Wall Mounted Chest Pulley

  • Excellent rehabilitation and exercise device for both wheelchair and ambulatory patients for chest and upper extremity exercise.
  • Two handles at chest level.
  • Each wall/ceiling and floor plate is equipped with “smooth action” sets of nylon pulleys.
  • “Ergonomic” foam covered handles for enhanced patient comfort.
  • Disc weights can be added in 2-1/2 lb. increments up to a maximum of five 2-1/2 lb. disc weights per each side (for a total of ten 2-1/2 lb. disc weights per unit).
  • Weight carriers elevate vertically on smooth running vertical stainless steel rod guides.
  • Floor plates are equipped with rubber bumper stops for quiet operation.
  • Floor and wall plates are almond styrene covered wood construction and are pre-drilled to facilitate attachment.