Models include, but are not limited to; refurbished GE OEC, Philips, Xiehm, and Hologic brands

  • GE
    • Enhanced mechanical design, ideal
      for a wide range of applications
    • Simple user interface reduces procedure time
    • Superb image quality
    • Good for: vascular, orthopedic, urology
      and emergency surgical procedures
  • Philips
    • Designed to improve workflow
    • Fast cooling time
    • High quality images at lowest dosages
    • Good for: orthopedic, urological, neurosurgical,
      and pain management treatment
  • Ziehm Imaging
    • Compact design makes it easy to handle
    • Allows flexible connections to external equipment
    • Good for: general surgical procedures
      and examinations in cardiology, urology,
      neurology and orthopedics

Software packages available are

  • General Surgery Package—Least expensive, designed for general surgery.
  • Extended Package—Designed for pain in addition to general surgery.
  • Vascular Package—Most expensive. Includes CINE,
    Digital Subtraction and Road Mapping.